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Love Is the Legacy
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Love is the Legacy is dedicated to the Love that swells within my heart to and for my beloved Family past, present and to those yet -to-come. Life is a gift for which I am humbly grateful. It is through Love shared that blessed Life may be and … become. And, as we journey through this Life of ours, personal reflections and queries may arise as to “Who am I,” “Am I fulfilling a purpose, my purpose,” and “What might that look like.“

These questions and others have arisen and continue to flow, deliciously flow, through my consciousness. My heart and soul is sated with Faith and Trust that nurtures me, calms me, and embraces me with Hope; these prose pieces which have been prayerfully composed, many at times of difficulty and vulnerability,

have assisted me in emotional and spiritual understanding.

My Prayer is that they may lift you up with profound, personal and poignant reflection to Grace your Inner Self



Prayerful Prose

Prayer is deeply and emotionally meaningful to me … and for mySelf.

It was through a prayer to God of “letting go and trusting” at a time when, well, a lot was going on in my life that led to an outpouring of prose; it was as though a flood gate had opened up letting out a torrent that seemingly washed away many concerns and filled me with a calm as words and feelings just poured themselves onto paper. Many of those prayerful prose pieces are on this website. “My Thanksgiving Prayer,” is the center and emanating point for which this has come to be.

“Thank you, Lord. I am grateful for Your everlasting love and presence in my life …” Amen


About Beverly

Beverly has a passion for Teddy Bears, in all sizes, and actually has the moniker of “Bear Lady” to several hospitals within the area where she has donated plush toys for many years to the children who are hospitalized, especially during the holidays. She realized how important this was due to her own son’s experience through multiple hospitalizations with his medical condition. To further facilitate the importance of this caring connection and outreach, she co-founded with a dear friend the “Holiday Wish List Toy Drive” at SHARE, Inc., a charity she is involved with and assists in raising funds for developmentally disabled, abused and neglected children as well as medical research for all forms of developmental disabilities.

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